Raneem Botros: A Short Story

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Raneem Botros had grown up in a relatively good life with a good house hold. That had been the first six years of her life. She had always been happy and smiling, always pleased to see her father until she had come to the true reality that life was; her mother was a lesbian, her father had raped her when she had been only fifteen, and the man she had grown up calling her daddy had only been her mother 's father. Raneem wasn 't displeased about the fact she had two mothers instead of one, and they loved her terribly. Actually, her second mother loved her better than the mother that had given birth to her. Raneem had gotten close to her second mother, though her happiness had dwindled the more she grew, her birth mother pulling away and neglecting the girl more and more.

"You 'll understand when you are older.." Her mother Teresa said, a pretty woman, black eyes, deep olive colored skin, long black hair, beautiful told her. "...I know you don 't understand why she is pulling around but listen to this Rah. It isn 't you. It was never you, it 's not your fault. Don 't ever hate her for mistreating you." Raneem had listened to the words carefully, but it never made the hurt go away any sooner when
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Raneem had only laughed at the idea. After all Quest had been enough of a friend she had needed, she hadn 't needed anyone else. Though, Raneem had yet to actually hit her puberty stage fully at that point. Still, she had watched the website, watching it develop and grow. It had been fun to watch it blossom. Anyone from the age 16+ being able to get on it, post a profile, and makes friends. Though, 16-17 year olds were only allowed to click the option looking for friends, everyone else was allowed to click whatever else they like; casual sex, long term relationship, life time relationship, short term, event

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