Essay about Short Story : My Uncle Stevie

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While I was growing up, my mom quoted, “Family is where the heart is” time and time again. This saying was certainly true with my uncle. My Uncle Stevie was a family oriented man, and my family and I knew that my uncle loved us wholeheartedly. I had always thought of my Uncle Stevie as the center of our family because of my uncle’s carefree spirit and unique sense of humor. An abundance of memories flooded my mind in regards to the fun times I spent with my uncle. Some of the fun times were a little terrifying due to Stevie’s unique sense of humor and mischievous streak. I remembered being chased around the house by my uncle who held a live snake (of course the snake was a harmless black snake). I clung to my cousin’s back as we ran, and at the time I thought we were running for our lives. My nanny screamed, “Run! Run!” because my nanny had locked the door, so my uncle could not get into the house. The whole time, my uncle was doubled over with laughter. I was scared to death, but deep down, I knew that Uncle Stevie would never hurt me for the world. Along with my uncle’s unique sense of humor, there was a heart of gold, and I knew there was nothing my uncle would not do for me. Along with the scary times, there were other times I remembered from tickling wars, to jumping on the trampoline, to going to the park to play in the water. Also, I remembered one cold, snowy day when we played in the snow and built an igloo and snowmen. At the end of the…

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