Kingdom Of Japan Analysis

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A botanist falls in love with a Japanese spirit, but his love for her could cost him his life.


THOMAS MARTIN (24), a botanist, travels to Japan with his friend EDMUND SAYERS aboard the vessel THE CLOVE manned by CAPTIAN JOHN SARIS (33). He’s on his way to Japan to partake in their trading business and find a plant to cure small pox. When crewmembers parish on the vessel, Thomas recites a prayer.

From the ocean, there’s a swirling vortex, SUSANOO, a Japanese God of the Ocean, appears on deck. Susanoo’s brother TUKUYOMI-NO-MIKOTO, God of the Moon, also appears. Thomas’ prayers impress the Gods, even though he doesn’t believe in a God. The Gods then suddenly disappear. Thomas isn’t sure what he has just witnessed.

They arrive in Japan, but soon learn that the man, ADAMS that they are supposed to meet, hasn’t arrived yet. MOTOKI (40), a samurai, and Dutch trader, JAN HOFF (35), greet them.
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The hawk returns to the Hirado Mountain to reunite with ONMYOJI YASUMASA ASHIDA (50). The bird then transforms into a bird-shaped doll made of straw.

On THE CLOVE, Japanese women (escorts), a pimp, and Musicians interact with the crew. YUKI (20), an escort, is attracted to Thomas, but Edmund is attracted to Yuki.

Thomas explores the area not knowing Onmyoji is watching him. Thomas comes upon a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. He’s seen the tree before in his dream. Suddenly a beautiful girl (20’s) dances around the tree. She’s also similar to the girl in his dream. When she sees Thomas, she screams and vanishes. Thomas believes he has seen a

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