Essay on Short Story : ' Class Time ! '

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“Class time!” Mrs. Riely said banging her ruler loudly. The children lumbered slowly to their seats. “Let 's start math!” She said, trying to sound nice. She was the meanest teacher in the whole world. The students pulled their math books out and waited. Jonah, the class troublemaker, whispered to the children around him,”Let 's hide in the bathroom.” Jack, the one that heard, replied, “Sure.” Mrs. Riely screeched,”If you want to hide, hide in the office!” She calmed down and said,”Flip to page 101 please in your math book and please copy your homework.” Mrs. Riely gave a tremendous, unreasonable amount of homework. It took the students about 3 hours of nasty homework. Jonah wished something would happen. * * * *
Indeed it did. Mrs. Riely wasn 't there. She was always there. She had one hundred percent attendance and was never late. She taught for 10 years. She was absent today.
Mr. Kenmore,the principal, thought something was very odd, since it was without notice. Jonah, today was bouncing up and down with happiness. However, Mr. Kenmore was not. He had to schedule a substitute. He scheduled Mrs. Jecklay , the secretary, to sub for the day.
Turns out, Mrs. Jecklay had to sub for more than a day. Jonah was more than fulfilled with happiness. Something was odd with the classroom though. Books were missing even though nobody had entered the classroom.
A week passed and school couldn 't have any communication with Mrs.Riely. It wasn 't a…

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