Argument-Based Writing: 'Professor Robbin?'?

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“Professor Robbin?” The class had not yet started, there was a few minutes before the official start of Mr. Robbin’s English 112: Argument-Based Research class. I didn’t think Mr. Robbin was a professor, but this kid didn’t know the difference. There are not many professors at the community college level, if any, but Mr. Robbin had the distinguished look of one with his tweed jacket and the patches on his elbows of his sleeves. Even with his name being called, he did not turn around from the board. “Professor Robbin, do you have any bubble gum?”
Oh my, I thought to myself. What was this kid thinking? Bubble gum? Who even says bubble gum past age five? Jana was a young woman, but she was not fresh out of high school. She was in her
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Robbin begins without explaining that the quiz is beginning. One would think that since the semester is also over that this would not surprise some of the classmates but sadly it does. “Number one, where was the train’s next stop?” He pauses but does not look up. Jana assumes this is because he doesn’t want to be further annoyed by the lack of preparation by some of the class. “Number two.”
“Wait… ummmm… they didn’t ride on a train?” That stupid kid again.
Oh no… what the heck? I rubbed my forehead preparing for the pain to begin. This time it wasn’t even funny, just sad. Why does he even speak? Clearly, he’s going to miss that question. Barcelona or Madrid? Now I cannot remember either, darn it.
The teacher takes a short breath in and blows it out slowly. “Number two,” he repeats. He has decided to ignore the outburst. “What were they drinking first?” He purposely looks at the bubble gum kid. I’m guessing he’s thinking the kid is probably not even old enough to drink but perhaps he should take it up. Or knowing Mr. Robbin he’s really thinking this kid’s parents should have done this to him, what the man in the story was suggesting to the girl. But that’s mean. “Number three. What did the mountains look like to the
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If anyone misses that…
“Number four. What did the Anis taste like to her? And number five, what do you think they were talking about?”
The passage was rather short and it was mostly talking so to get his normal concrete five questions out must have been hard. The last question however is not concrete at all. I don’t recall him ever asking us what we thought, usually he didn’t care what we thought. Once the quiz ends, we are always instructed to pass our paper to our neighbor for grading. I so wanted the kid’s paper especially this time, but he always sits at the front of the class and I always sit at the back as to not be noticed. I’ll just have to live vicariously through whoever does get his to grade.
Mr. Robbin begins, “The train was going to Madrid. And even though they didn’t actually board the train in the story, the first paragraph says, the train was coming from Barcelona and going to Madrid.” I am surprised he bothered to throw that part in. “Beer, elephants, licorice.” Then he looks up at the class and I felt like right at me which puts a lump in my throat and a strange feeling in my stomach. “What were they talking about?” It was

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