Short Story: Azure Snake

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Faine dismounted and approached the man calling himself Azure Snake. “My lord has asked you to stand aside and by not honoring his request, you have shown him disrespect, because of this, you will suffer.”
“You hear that boys. We’re going to suffer.“ Nervous laughter broke out from the gang members. Without warning the man with the eyepatch swung his fist at Faine but he grabbed the man’s hand, forcing him to drop to his knees. Groaning, the bandit demanded his release.
“Oh, you wish for me to let you go. Why should I when you showed such disrespect toward my lord?” He continued applying pressure until breaking the man’s hand.
Screaming, the man yelled out the derogatory, “You’re a bastard,” followed by, “Get him boys.“
Faine threw the man
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It would be suicide.” .
“Don’t worry about that since our master will deal with him in due time. What about the demon souls? Did you bring more?”
“Yes, I have collected many.”
“Give one to the assassin. She fought a good fight and deserves it.”
“Very well.” Replied the woman, bowing and starting back to the assassin’s tent.
Having overheard their entire conversation and eager to take the demon souls, Nightburn gave Faine the order to attack.”
“Yes my lord,“ and whistling loudly, signaled Lord Persius and the rest of the men who immediately filed out from the shadows, spreading out and forcing the woman in red back to the man she had just left.
“I will be taking that demon soul and any others that you have procured,” demanded Nightburn.
The lady in red spoke to her acquaintance. “Run, get the demon souls out of here. I will deal with him.”
Seeing the man run down the row of tents and dart into the forest, Nightburn yelled, “Faine, go after the demon souls and bring them back to me. Failure is not an option.”
“Yes my lord,” and he ran off after the man.
“You are the one who escaped and saved the assassin?”
“Yes, that was

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