Short Response: The Giver By Lois Lowry

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The Giver Short Response:
In the “Giver” by Lois Lowry, the protagonist and main character, Jonas, lives in a community where everything is systematic and very strict. Within this community, there are rules that are needed to be followed, and no one is ever allowed to make their own decision. There is never any room for mistakes or else you are purposely killed because the leaders of this community have a sensation of perfection. When their society came to this, all families were chosen, there was no such thing as love, and no one was ever able to see color. When Jonas becomes the new Receiver of Memory, he soon starts to experience different feelings no one else was able to have. He wished that he could live in Elsewhere, where love is present,
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When society can observe what has happened in past experiences, they can use those mistakes to make their society the best it could be. If society were to choose things for us, they could put everyone on the right path and never cause anything that would disturb or corrupt others. Our world today is most likely the scariest it has ever been. Such a strict and orderly society could solve many problems that everyone faces today. For instance, in the book, their jobs are chosen specifically for them by what their interests were since they were a child. At the Ceremony of Twelves, where they are assigned the jobs in the community, the Chief Elder explains, “You Elevens have spent all your years till now standardize your behavior...but today we honor your differences. They have determined your future.” These important phrases from her speech could most definitely explain how by choosing these jobs, no pain, nor grief will come by not be useful in your life. Instead of them creating such a person that will do nothing all their life, they have assigned everyone a job to keep them busy from any trouble. The jobs keep them from any trouble they could cause if they have such a careless personality. When others do not do anything with their life, they most of the time feel regret and pain, and they usually cause mischief that affects others in the world. The Committee of …show more content…
We could fix many world problems that are such a big issue today. In Jonas’s community, there is no such thing as love. No one ever feels love for each other, which explains why no one has contains any emotion when anyone is released, or killed. Personally, I agree with the Community of Elders that by eliminating love, that could erase all the bad things included in the world. This could clean up all the hate that is involved in our world we live today. If our leaders were to choose to have no love in our society, then there would be equal feelings for everyone and terror would not exist anymore. For instance, in the book, Jonas asked his parents, “Do you love me?” His mother replied saying that love is a word that is, “ meaningless that is becomes almost obsolete.” She also asks him, “Do you understand why it’s inappropriate to use a word like ‘love’?” This could absolutely show how much people think love is a joke and it affects them in no way. However, when Jonas saw the memory of the man dying from war, he felt the pain and some emotional connection to seeing him die. By completely eliminating love, society could be fixed without hatred that causes the terror and pain within people. Society could be less dangerous and saved from terror once they eliminate love. Many problems could be fixed with society choosing things for us. By choosing to live without love, we can stop the terror and

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