Short Essay On How To Change A Car

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This isn 't just any regular how to change a tire tutorial. This is the actual process of removing a tire from a wheel and putting a completely new tire on that wheel. Now you might be thinking that this sounds like quite the hard task to complete; well let 's get one thing straight, it is every bit as hard as you would think it was. Without the proper training, equipment, and time to practice completing the simple task of moving a tire onto a wheel could be impossible. Adding collateral damage to this already time consuming task, you add into the mix expensive wheels, massive wheels, and a new type of tire formally known as run-flat tire.

Some wheels tend to be thicker near the top bead on the face
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Safely removing and installing new tires onto a vehicle. The first thing that you are always suppose to remember when working with machinery is to be safe. If you are a person that isn 't an expert in working with tires you should definitely have someone watching over your work as tires flying off of a moving vehicle happens more than you would think that it does. Another thing to always have on you is some set of eye protection, glasses or goggles will both service. They are important because at many points when changing a tire things will fly off and hit you in the face. When actually getting a car ready to have the wheels removed, always make sure that it 's in the air. Countless times I have seen someone try and remove a wheel from a car without it being in the air almost killing themselves and ruining a car. Oddly enough it can sometimes be hard to remember to get a car in the air when you 're moving as fast as you possibly …show more content…
Removing the wheel.. Now when taking the wheel off of the car you have to make sure that the gun you are using has the right size socket, to remove the lugs without damaging the lugs themselves or the studs that hold the tire to the car. The most typical size of socket is a 21mm socket, however all german cars use a 17mm and all japanese cars use a 19mm socket. Larger trucks can get all the way up to an inch wide socket. Making sure the gun is reverse you place one foot on the bottom of the tire to ensure that it doesn 't fall on its face and slowly unbolt the lugs.

After taking off the lugs you lift the tire off of the studs and turn it around so that the rubber of the tire is leaning against the studs, this way you are able to use the head of the gun to pop out the hub cap, which is the centerpiece of the wheel. After removing all four wheels from the vehicle you need to buff the inside part of the tire and the hub of the vehicle. If you do not buff both of these corrosion can build up between the two pieces of metal, or on the studs of the car. When corrosion builds up on the hub of the vehicle it can cause the tire to not be completely flush, thus making the car bumpy or making the tire fall of. If the studs aren 't buffed it can cause the lugs to be stripped and thus they are not usable

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