How My Sister Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

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My parents never gave me siblings, however, that does not mean that I grew up in a lonely house, that I celebrated my birthdays with no laughs around me, and that I never had somebody to listen to my dreams, my sorrows, and my yearnings.
Destiny itself decided to never give me a sister—well, a biological sister to be more specific. But as I grew up in my grandma’s big house, where there were more rooms than people living in it, I shared it the space with another person, my cousin, whose name it is too terribly complicated to write onto paper. I am aware of my ambiguity here, so I will explain further. Her real name is Katherine, but the way such name it is pronounced in Spanish is of her utter distaste and distain. So, she has changed it to
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She always puts me back on earth, whenever I need it. The way she resonates and tells me the truth as it is and in my face, without any embellishments, helps me to grasp reality. She is supportive, loves to listen, and is a big source for support any time I need it.
In terms of academic support, I feel quite comfortable. In fact, at the beginning of the year, I felt I needed help with my writing, so I got a persona tutor to advise me and guide me. Also, I have been to the writing center countless of times, it is one of my favorite places at the library. Some people find it intimidating or useless and do not even know where it is located, but it is by far the most useful academic resource they offer on campus. In addition, I have seen the tutor that SSSP hires, and I have found her quite useful as well.
For personal support, I have counselors and I know that if anything is ever troubling me, I can go to the Mailbox building, which used to be the building where the mail first arrived, and have a session with the therapist. In addition, I have a close friend, who does not judge and is there to listen to anything that is in my mind, regardless of how idiotic sometimes it can

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