Shopping Online Is Becoming More And More Popular Essay

774 Words Apr 9th, 2015 4 Pages
In current society, shopping online is becoming more and more popular. People just need to click their mouses and choose the item they want instead of buy something in a store. Even tough shopping online make our lives become more easier than shopping in a store, it has some problems that we can not ignore. However, there were three problems I have encountered shopping online which are wait for long time to get my item, the item does not match with the photograph and it will be a trouble when I need to return this item. The first problem I have encountered is the delivery time. This problem happened since I have started online shopping first time. The first thing I bought online is a necklace, and I bought it as a gift to my cousin’s birthday. Because it was the first time I tried online shopping, I was worried if I could not receive it before my cousin’s birthday. Therefore, I ordered the necklace two weeks advance. Ten days after my order was placed, I noticed my own impatience because when I checked the tracking number, the location of the necklace right now was the same as the second day after I purchased it, and the estimated time is 14 business days. However, I still hope if the necklace can arrived in four days because my cousin’s birthday is in five days. But things go contrary to my wishes. In desperation, I had to go to a mall and buy a new necklace to my cousin in the day before his birthday. Finally, I got my necklace and it has been over ten days after my…

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