Shirley Jackson Biography Essay

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Shirley Jackson was born on December 14, 1916 in San Francisco, California. She was the daughter of Leslie Hardie (President of Stecher-Traung Lithograph,Inc.) and Geraldine Bugbee Jackson.

Miss Jackson attended the University of Rochester from 1934 to 1936. She graduated with a BA from Syracuse University in 1940. Shortly after graduating, she married Stanley Edgar Hyman, who was a literary critic and was on the faculty of Bennington college.. They moved to Vermont and had four children together.

Miss Jackson made her first appearance in The New Yorker in 1943 with a casual sketch "After You Dear Alphonse." Then for the next ten years was a contributor of short stories.

Shirley had spent her childhood living on the coast and
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Author Stephen King included Miss Jackson's novel The Haunting of Hill House aka The Haunting (1999) in his top 100 favorite novels of all time. In his book Danse Macabre, he devotes a lengthy piece of prose to Jackson's opening paragraph of The Haunting of Hill House. His analysis conveys the sheer unsettling power Jackson evokes in just a few short lines. Mr. King has stated that it is one of the most important horror novels of the 20th century.

In 1962 Miss Jackson wrote We Have Always Lived In The Castle, where she tells the story of two sisters who have become outcasts in their town. Merricat and Constance Blackwood have survived the arsenic poisoning which has killed four members of their family.Although Constance has been acquitted by a jury of murdering the family, the townspeople still view the two sisters with

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