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Why Sheryl Sandberg would be a great role model for my Young Daughters

One morning, like any other school day, I was walking side by side in lock step with my 8 year old daughter. She turned my side, looked up and asked me, “Dad, who is a good woman leader?”

Behind those simple words, I sensed she was looking for role models. And Sheryl Sandberg image flashed in front of me.

As I dropped my daughter and walked back – I wondered why Sheryl was my option A.

I grew up in South India. I often saw a younger version of my mother in Indra Nooyi. That fits. She personifies what hard work and good luck can weave.

If Indra is a phenomenal immigrant story, Sheryl is the precursor of what is to come. Snippets of why

Few months ago, my
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They stood together. My daughter recited the first verse. Her friend- the second. My daughter the third and her friend was searching for words on the fourth. My daughter egged her - ever so softly with the words. Watching that small act, I had the biggest beam of a smile. My super girl became human.

In one moment, my daughter was her prepared best reciting her own creation. In another, she was her empathetic best on stage sharing her shoulder with her friend.

That balance is the wave of the future. Sheryl Sandberg epitomizes that today. She can deliver Berkley’s commencement speech without looking at her paper. In the world of pearl necklace stereotypes, Sheryl wears her emotions and embraces her gift of sentimentality.

Above all, she balances what life throws at her. In all this, she choses to be herself.

In her first book Lean In, she exhorts women to be their full selves at work. In her recent second book, Option B, she is candid enough to admit her own challenges as a grieving parent who suddenly lost her husband.

There are numerous reviews of the book - Time and Fortune and USA Today and The Washington

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