Shell's Csr Case Study

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4.10 Local effects of Shell and Statoil's CSR in Nigeria
The CSR concept however has the capability of both positive and negative effects. There is no doubt saying Chevron and Shell's CSR concepts have brought quit a number of developments and knowledge that the host communities benefited from (Tuodolo, 2009).
Chevrons Agbami scholarship and Shell's CD programs has contributed immensely to the building up of local capacity, encourage growth of local economy and social capital establishment. The small scale credit plans given by these oil multinationals has encouraged interest in little and small scale and large scale businesses, and the alleviation of poverty in the oil bearing communities of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
These projects
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In the Niger Delta for instance, the institution of oil infrastructure, involves the utilization of their farmlands and the construction and development of new roads has caused the ground water to dry up due to its excessive use. This makes it impossible for fishing which is the main means of livelihood in the Delta and as a result forcing families to relocate. In Agbami-Delta State, oil operations brought on the annihilation of private property and agricultural farmlands. This has brought about conflicts among the local community affected over farm land. Another misfortune was the coming and migration of oil company staffers and due to the loss of livelihood and unemployment in some of these communities it prompted the rise of prostitution and the spread of STDs (sexual transmitted diseases) , for example, HIV (Frynas, …show more content…
Then again, the selection criteria as to the individuals who benefit from the small scale credit schemes are not distinctly defined. Therefore, the scheme might lay focus on the wrong group of people and the people who really need it may be left out. When corporate misconduct happens in developed countries, it is frequently immediately tended to; as exemplified by Shell's exercises in the USA, Italy and Ireland. while Shell Nigeria have been mixed up directly or indirectly in human rights abuses in the oil bearing communities, Shell Nigeria was also involved in corruption , still gas flaring in Nigeria, frequent oil spills that affect livelihoods joined with damages to the ecosystem(Tuodolo,

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