Shawshank Prison Analysis

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Shawshank Redemption was a spectacular movie that was about a man named Andy Dufresne. Andy was convicted of murdering his wife and his wife’s lover, he was sentenced to two life terms in the Shawshank Prison. Andy is innocent and finds interesting way to deal with his life in prison until he manages to escape. While in Shawshank, Andy makes a lifetime friend, Red, who will be by his side throughout all of his hardships. Andy and his friends put forth the characteristic of prison subcultures, along with the characteristic of inmate roles. The Shawshank Prison is also seen as a total institution that can institutionalize some of its long time offenders. Right from the start of Shawshank Redemption one can see that most of the inmates portrayed …show more content…
Shawshank prison can relate to that definition. Lot of the men in that prison have extremely long sentences. Many that there portrayed in the movie has at least a life sentence. Also the first scene inside the prison the warden is talking to the newly arriving inmates. He explains to them that they will eat when he says eat, they will shit when he says shit, and they will piss when he says piss; which is a perfect example of the prison completely running an inmate’s life. Another thing is that the institution is solely based off of discipline and the bible. The warder believes that the only thing that can cleanse their souls is the Lord and strict discipline. After speaking with the warner the inmates are stripped of their outside clothes and walk naked with their new clothes and a bible. The inmates live in a one man cell, which completely cuts them off from everyone but themselves and the lord during the nighttime hours. The inmates are subject to room searches whenever the guards feel like it. They have absolutely no privacy. All the inmates have work detail, which in the beginning was only even on the prisons property, later the Inside Out Program was introduced. Another way the Shawshank prison can be seen as a total institution is there use of the hole. Throughout the movie one sees many instances where an inmate was sent to the hole for a period of time. Also many of the inmates that come up to the time where they can face the parole board, it seemed like no matter what they said or how rehabilitated they were the parole board rarely granted parole. Red when to the parole board three times in 30 years and was never give that chance. Finally Shawshank can be seen as a total institution because the warden did not like the idea that Andy could retry his trial. A

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