Shashi Deshprence Critical Analysis


Women’s writing has reached a stage where its voice has reached globally throughout the world. Women are transformed from being the devastated and invalid victim of male power into becoming a subject in her own right. Thus the role of women changed into a one who can create a new world. Women writers have been turned out to the twenty first century with extraordinary self-confidence. The present study on “Postmodernistic perspectives in the Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande and Margret Laurence” focuses on the problems faced by the writer-women characters. It is very evident that these women writers with their experiences of problems faced in their lives
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The writer-characters of Deshpande and Laurence are put up by some crisis in their lives. The protagonists escape from their maternal house thinking that their marriage life would be successful, but later come to know the reality of the bitter truth in the real life. Margaret Laurence’s women are assertive and bold like Deshpande’s woman characters. The modern woman in quest of self-identity ‘outsteps’ the boundaries set for her by breaking the rules of chastity, and demystifying marriage and motherhood. Through their representational characters Deshpande and Laurence reclaim female subjecthood, and register their resistance by writing from which women are alienated. Margaret Laurence and Shashi Deshpande have strived heroically to overcome their cultural and societal barriers posed on them by the society. An idea of self hood in a woman requires taking into consideration the institute of marriage, wifehood and motherhood. Formerly these were the indications of the identity, but now every woman wanted an identity of their own. They spell out the problems of women with a clearer persuasion through their characters that people want to pause and ponder over. As their roles are bound to be women, their thoughts to be feminine; they are sure to project their own struggle for identity through their …show more content…
Women’s postmodernistic awareness and their crisis gain space in the works of many women writers. Shashi Deshpande and Margaret Laurence raise their voice and show the crisis faced by the women, solutions to the problems faced by them and the need for liberation though these writers look these questions through contemporary lenses. They highlight the struggle and trauma of the shackled women characters and their journey from darkness to light. The prime concern of both the authors is the married woman and her circumscribed world where she has a very precarious existence. The trap of security in marriage and the consequent captivity within a self-enclosed world have made women into emotional beggars. While Laurence presents characters like Morag, Rachel, Stacey who quite submissively accept their helpless, inferior status in marriage, being unable to find support within them and cling on shamelessly to their husbands. Deshpande presents women like Saritha, Jaya and Madhu who are indeed pitted against incompatible husbands but possess an undaunted spirit to demand their

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