Sharon 's Drug Addiction During The Age Of 22 Essay

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Sharon’s drug addiction began at the age of 22. She started drinking alcohol at parties, not thinking of its future consequences. Drugs soon replaced the alcohol and began using marijuana. She thought it of no harm to her because she did not consider it a “hard” drug like cocaine or morphine. Although she swore to herself to never use such drugs, Sharon soon started using crack cocaine to deal with her personal and family problems. To fund her drug addiction, she worked as a prostitute and a hustler for drug dealers but soon started selling drugs herself to make more of a profit. Police arrested her and sent her to jail. Sharon immediately returned to her old life after her release. In January of 2010, Sharon unknowingly sold to two undercover police officers who sent her to prison. While incarcerated, a fellow inmate told her about drug courts. Sharon made a decision to change her life and quit her criminal path, so she applied for entry into the Calgary Drug Treatment Court Program. The program accepted Sharon in February 2011. Although difficult, Sharon graduated from the program in March of 2012. After her completion Sharon states, “. . . Today, I like to think that I am the living, breathing proof that drug courts work!” (Ballantyne Woman’s).
The abuse of drugs has become a huge problem in American society. Statistics show that forty-eight percent of inmates serving time in the United States have committed drug crimes. This equates to over half a million people in jail…

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