Sharapova Essay

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Maria Sharapova Case

Sports Marketing
-Ezra Ok
1. What were the key steps in the early stages of Maria’s career development?
Yuri Sharapov first noticed his daughter had skill and took her to attend tennis clinics. It was at these clinics that Martina Navratilova, a renowned champion, observed Maria playing and commented, “She has talent”, inspiring Maria’s parents to seek a world-class coach for their daughter in the United States. Yuri and Maria arrived at IMG’s Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy where she eventually received a scholarship.
She signed with Gavin Forbes, who then assigned his duties to Max Eisenbud.
Max Eisenbud made it his priority to differentiate Maria from Anna Kournikova, a similarly talented Russian tennis
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Rankings of players are determined by points won at tournaments, with the Grand Slam tournaments offering the most points. Points are also awarded for players who beat higher-ranked players. Exempt players are usually the ones who receive sponsorship and appearance deals. The rest of professional players are not as fortunate. The average player receives around $100,000 a year and has to pay for travel, coaching, and support expenses on his or her own. Therefore, it is critical to win and higher one’s rank in order to receive higher compensations.

4. What part did Max Eisenbud play in the development of Maria’s career?
Eisenbud was an essential catalyst in Sharapova’s career. He was responsible for most of her endorsements deals, including deals with Nike and Prince rackets starting from when she was only 11. Not only was he a player agent, he was, as Sharapova commented, “half family, half agent.” Besides closing major deals, Eisenbud performed many other logistical duties such as securing visas for traveling, negotiating rates for accommodations, and working with the Russian federation.

5. How did IMG evolve its importance to the sports and talent business, specifically in tennis.
IMG, from its initial start of McCormack providing business services to Arnold Palmer, expanded enormously to become an agency representing an extremely broad range of clients. From violinist Itzhak Perlman, to the Grammys, to Major League Baseball, there is no end to

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