Shakespeare 's Othello - A Hero Essay

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Othello: A hero
Othello by William Shakespeare is one of his enigmatic tragic plays. Shakespeare 's intricately woven tale sees characters influence each other to an extent that the initial presentation of a character is almost unrecognizable as the play unfolds. Inevitably this is can be the sole trait in tragedy, an outcome of exterior circumstances or individuals influencing an otherwise stable and predictable personality. Shakespeare 's genius is revealed with a focus on Othello 's background as a mercenary soldier since his early childhood. Othello 's position is one of respect, as a successful soldier and general, he is honorable. The audience is introduced to him when he has just married Desdemona, yet in a short span of time, he murders his new bride. Shakespeare 's Othello is a man of substance, a successful soldier entrusted to protect Cyprus, respected and heroic in many respects. A hero can be deemed as person who in most instances does an extraordinary thing, prevails over extraordinary circumstances, although he is prone to make wrong decisions and mistakes or is influenced by situations beyond his knowledge, however, does not disqualify him from being a hero.
Shakespeare reveals Othello background as one of a mercenary soldier and more so from the early age of seven. His role models were rough men who possibly influenced his reasoning, that a man 's word held more weight than a woman 's. Therefore, the evil Lago so easily convinced Othello of Desdemona 's…

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