Shadowing Experience And Reflection Of Nutrition At Atrium Medical Center

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Shadowing Experience and Reflection
Over Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to shadow Mrs. Karen Feldmeyer at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown Ohio. During my four-hour visit, I experienced aspects of nutrition in a multitude of different settings including the psychiatric wing, the intensive care unit, and a physical therapy panel. Each of these opportunities provided me with a different perspective on the importance of nutrition, and how nutrition impacts a patient’s recovery process.
Mrs. Feldmeyer has been Manager of Nutrition Services at Atrium for the past nine years, and is in charge of a large staff with a variety of different personalities. With such a large group, she described how difficult it is to ensure her staff keeps
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Feldmeyer also includes inspecting the cafeteria food production facility. Every few weeks, the Health Department makes an unannounced visit to the cafeteria and inspects cleanliness and safety of food preparation within the facility. This past summer, I was an assistant manager at my neighborhood pool. Since we had a concession stand, the Health Department would check the chlorine and Ph levels of the pool in addition to the cleanliness and food preparation safety in concessions. While a small stand to buy an assortment of snacks is nowhere near the size of a hospital kitchen, I did notice a few similarities from my experience with the Health Department. For both services, boxes with food items cannot be on the ground, freezers must reach designated temperatures, and paper towels should always be present at handwashing stations. Occasionally Mrs. Feldmeyer completes “mock inspections” which check for many items the Health Department is searching for, but these surprise visits also make sure that the kitchen staff is following the proper preparation and cleaning …show more content…
While other healthcare providers are helping, the patient recover, the aspect of nutrition is associated with multiple physician’s jobs. Many aspects of a patient’s recovery need to be communicated with the nutrition team to ensure the safety of the patient. If a patient has had an oral surgery, it is important to know whether they need to be on a liquid diet, or whether they are able to eat certain foods. In addition, if that patient is on pain medications, it is important for the nutrition staff to know so they can avoid foods that prevent the drugs from performing their designated

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