Sexualization Of Breasts And Confidence Essay

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Sexualization of Breasts and Confidence
Another cultural consideration is the sexualization of breasts, affecting personal body image, attitudes of public breastfeeding, and internal measures of the confidence of infant feeding decisions. Breasts specifically play a role in being part of a woman’s idealized view of her sexual body, and it is this sexualized view of breasts that can undermine breastfeeding (Johnston-Robledo et al., 2007). Objectification theory “postulates that, in a culture that objectifies a sexually mature woman’s body, women are socialized to view and evaluate their bodies from the perspective of an outside observer” thus self-objectification is women’s internalization of that objectification (Frederickson & Roberts, 1997, as cited in Johnston-Robledo et al., 2007, p. 430). Researchers asked 275 undergraduate women in a Psychology Department about their feelings towards infant feeding and self-objectification. They found a strong correlation between attitudes about breastfeeding and levels of embarrassment, future plans, future impact on their body, and a direct relationship on the impact between body shaming and negative feelings towards breastfeeding. Overall, self-objectification constructs were associated with higher concerns about breastfeeding and a reduced, or absent, desire to breastfeed. They found their work to be consistent with prior research that shows students have positive attitudes towards breastfeeding overall, but have “internalized…

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