Sexuality, Gender, Status, Religion, And Sexuality Essay

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During the 19th century Sarah Baartmann—a Khoikhoi woman—was deprived from her liberty because of her distinct physical appearance. Her voluminous posterior and the abnormalities of her sexual organs were enough to indignantly use her as public exhibition for purposes of entertainment and later on for anatomical dissection. This bewildering act lead immense controversy and opened for discussion and investigations on race and sexuality. In present time, the hashtag #TeacherBae flooded social media, with the story of Patrice Brown, an African American fourth grade teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, who was highly criticized for her “inappropriate” attire. Although centuries have passed since the “Hottentot Venus” (Sarah Baartmann), controversies over race and sexuality—such as Brown’s—continue to emerge because sexuality is a social construction that will remain never standing, although it is always changing, it will continue to be influenced by factors such as race, gender, status, religion, and more.
Sexuality will always be influenced by power, such as dominant cultural norms, values, and practices (Mahan 2016). We live in a hegemonic white society, in which European-based beliefs and constructions dominate. Dominant American culture construct norms such as heterosexuality, non-sexual children and elders, monogamy, and even how many children one should have. The power of American culture also influences social constructions on a person’s phenotype, by trying to conceptualize what…

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