Sexuality And Its Effects On Today 's Society Essay

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Sexuality has always been something that is often changing and expanding. While it is assumed that there is one set binary for the sexuality spectrum, this is untrue and as individuals get more confident in themselves, the spectrum will continue to grow (Elizabeth, 2013). Even with the introduction of bisexuality, many sexualities, such as pansexuality are still being undermined and labelled as a ‘false sexuality’ (Elizabeth, 2013). In a world where heterosexuality reigns, anyone with a different sexuality is sometimes a bit timid to come out. However, eventually, homosexuality began to get more accepted, and is much more prominent in today’s society. In the past, no one would ever admit to being homosexual, or having homosexual fantasies. Now, however, “37% of men and 20% of women reported at least one homosexual experience that result in an orgasm” (Friedman et al. pg. 923, 1994) and since then, it can be assumed that the number has increased. Even with homosexuality being much more accepted, and bisexuality beginning to surface more, pansexuality is a relatively new sexuality that has yet to reach the level of acknowledgement that the other sexualities have established.
While pansexuality is little known among all sexualities, the biggest one it has to compare to is heterosexuality. A lot of the world identifies as heterosexual, while pansexual is so new that the term ‘pansexual’ still isn’t being used in modern writing, and instead they describe something that is close…

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