Sexual Violence And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Causation of this will inevitably create new challenges faced by women and their young such as, foraging for water and food, plotting them in the middle of another vulnerable situation of being exposed to more violence. Without money, transportation, and connections to resources, women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are left with no way to escape the terrors.
When the United States led the invasion to attack and ultimately provide the fatality of Saddam Hussein, this imprisoned many women into sectarian violence that specifically targets women and girls. Taking women from their homes by force, more than 1 million of the women have been displaced from their homes, stripping their lives leaving little to nothing of ownership. This results in a psychological fear being induced into their minds by the sudden violent outbreaks happening to women when going into the public. In turn, this makes women unable to work or go to school; the literacy rate in women is at its all-time-low. Unfortunately, this causes a spiral effect, landing them unable to earn enough money to eat. Thus, creating a repetition in their children’s lives because they are trying to do good by their offspring and send their children to school in hopes of a better life, but choose not to in fear of rape threats. Men are in midst of self-worship from the success of their powers over women.
Many events being taken to the extremes in Nepal, Sudan, Guatemala, and Mali share similar qualities. Early marriage and…

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