Sexual Victimization And Prisons For Adults And Juveniles Essay

1388 Words Sep 20th, 2015 null Page
Sexual victimization in prisons and jails for adults and juveniles have became too common for not reporting sex crimes. The prison have been put under investigation as they should for not making reports. But of course correction official will be in denial and keep hiding sex crimes. There is no need to be in denial when it 's a widespread problem that is heard about daily. Maybe if people will do their research on how common this issue is, they would think twice about committing any crime that will land you in prison or jail. The most devious part is the correctional officers are committing sexual assaults in these detentions towards inmates. You would assume our inmates are the only ones but that is not the case. How degrading can people get? Putting so much trust in these officers to protect and serve, but instead they are acting as criminals themselves and using their badge as a way to justify their behavior.This needs to change and the issue should be pressed more and also payed attention to. The article The Shame of Our Prisons: New Evidence states, “Juvenile detention facilities are supposed to offer opportunities for education, therapy, and rehabilitation that adult prisons and jails typically lack. In reality, though, many juvenile facilities have been more likely to traumatize the youth they confine, than to help them; more likely to convert them into hardened career criminals than to steer them away from crime.”(Kaiser, Stannow, 2011-12) Doesn 't really sound like…

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