Sexual Repression In The Crucible Essay

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What is sexual repression? Sexual repression can be defined as the lack of and sexual activity in a relationship. The play “The Crucible”, sexual repression is present between Elizabeth Proctor and John Proctor. Their marriage rarely involved sex, which had caused J. Proctor to have an affair.This inevitably influenced the couple's downfall. Their religion lead to sexual repression and adultery was an effect of it; this inevitably leads to E. Proctor and J. Proctor’s downfall. The religion used in the play is Christianity. The people of the town are known to be Puritans. According to Curtis, “These were Christians who wanted the Church of England purified of any liturgy, ceremony or practices which were not found in Scripture” (pg. 1). The …show more content…
During the Salem Witchcraft Trials, if one committed adultery, they would be severely punished. The most common punishment for lechery was death. The Puritans believed that if one was to commit adultery, they were a sinner. Smith stated, “The Bible, especially the Old Testament, regularly condemns the sin of adultery. Faithful marriage is used as the paradigm for the kind of relationship which God’s people should have with God” (pg 1). Committing adultery was the equivalent to defying one’s love of God. Knowing this, J. Proctor felt guilt and shame when he committed lechery with Williams. This caused extreme tension between J. Proctor and E. Proctor because Williams was their servant at the time of the affair, making E. Proctor aware of what happened. “Most spouses are devastated at the mere thought that their beloved desires another, let alone that their spouse may have actually been unfaithful. Faithfulness is essential to create the relationship of trust, which is the bedrock of all the other goods that flow from marriage” (Smith, pg. 1). This statement applies to E. Proctor due to her devastation when learning about her husband’s affair. The affair affected their marriage by causing tension and, in a sense, a lack of trust between the

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