Sexual Harassment Is A Big Problem Facing People Of All Ages Essay

1487 Words Nov 28th, 2015 6 Pages
Sexual harassment is a big problem facing people of all ages and can happen anywhere ranging from in schools to workplaces. Statistics have shown victims of sexual harassment are typically women but that does not mean men cannot be sexually harassed as well. Sexual harassment can come in physical or verbal forms, little things such as unwanted sexual comments or unwanted sexual advances can be considered sexual harassment. The victims can be anyone ranging from children in elementary schools to grown women in workplace fields. Sexual harassment is not limited to a man harassing a woman; it could be the opposite way around or same sex harassment. Social media has made it easy for teenagers to be harassed especially as it is something that teenagers use constantly. Sexual harassment can easily escalate into sexual assault or rape which can affect the victim and the assailant physically and mentally.
Various studies around Canada concluded that out of every 100 sexual harassment incidents only 6 are reported to the police. These incidents can happen anywhere include workplace settings, schools or online. Out of these incidents, 90% of the victims are women while the remaining 10% are men. Looking at just North America, 1 in every 4 women will be sexually harassed or assaulted in their life time, which equals 25%. 60% of the 25% of woman that are sexually harassed will be under the age of 17. The harassers can be either the same age as the victim, older or younger. Most of…

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