Sexual Crimes In Pedophilia

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Sexual assaults cause a great deal of physical and mental health problems. Hence, the road to recovery is an ongoing process for victims. An estimated of 900,000 children are mistreated, with 9% being sexually abused. In additional, 300,000 women are raped and 3.7 million unwanted sexual encounters (Bonnar-Kidd, 2010). Many sex offenses go unreported. The majority of sex offenders are males with heterogeneous characteristics, and similar clinical needs (The Regent, 2016). Sexual crimes are rarely impulsive; the perpetrator has thought about the act ahead of time with a known victim in mind. Sexual offenders often justify their behaviors with denial, rationalizing, and minimizing. Pedophilia is a sexual disorder classified as a paraphilia (abnormal or unnatural attraction) by the American Psychiatric Association. Pedophiles prefer to have sex with children, but they do continue to have sex with adults. The term pedophile and child molester are used interchangeably. The media does not make a distinction between the two terms. But, not all pedophiles engage in illegal activities with children. Those who do sexually abuse children are considered child molester by law enforcement. Sexual abuse is grouped into two classifications (1) …show more content…
However, it does clearly showing the aggravating effects that hinder these offenders for successful integration in society. All the tiers should have distinct requirements. 3 percent of violent offenders are arrested for another related sex offense within three years. We need to remove all offenders who do a pose a threat to society. Allocating more funds in the Risk Assessment process can eliminate offenders from registries. Public urination, prostitution, soliciting for prostitution, kidnapping your own children, consensual incest is not linked to child molestation or serious violent crimes. These offenders can be removed from

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