Sexual Conduct Of A Minister Essay example

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In the book “Sexual Ethics in Pastoral Ministry,” a lot of useful information is given on sexual conduct of a minister. One of the topics highlighted throughout the book is how to avoid sexual misconduct as a minister. The way this section is covered is very thorough and clear. This essay will highlight some of the key points mentioned throughout the book on how to avoid sexual misconduct in ministry.
When it comes to ministering to the congregation, it is important that the people in the congregation are assured that their minister has a high moral and ethical code. If this view is compromised, then the ministry itself is also compromised. One of the key moral and ethical concerns, surrounds the ministers sexual conduct. Sexual misconduct can indicate one’s inability to be trusted with confidential matters as well as evidence of having no integrity. Integrity is synonymous with honesty, honor, value, sincerity, fairness, virtue, good character, and also righteousness. If seen in the big picture these are the topics that a minister would preach on. Therefore, if the congregation has the notion that the minister does not live by that which is preached, then they lose respect for him and his ministry as well. This is why it is important to discuss sexual misconduct and how to avoid it in ministry.
The first step is to understand what sexual misconduct is before writing on how to avoid it. Sexual misconduct takes many forms, but all forms fall under two categories: consensual…

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