Essay about Sexual Autonomy, By Judith Butler

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Judith Butler’s approach on sexual autonomy is one that is motivated by society and not ourselves. She argues that sexual autonomy, sexual and gender freedom, should be placed on the individual, but instead due to politics, the government, and society this is not the case. She also takes her knowledge on sexual freedom and relates it the question of “Which lives matter?” using the aspects of vulnerability, grief, and oppression, and also other examples such as racism and the AIDS epidemic to tie together not only the question itself, but also sexual autonomy and even autonomy in general.
Butler first brings up the complex yet seemingly simple idea of “What makes life bearable?”. She is simply asking what keeps us from ultimately going crazy due to the high speed world we live in. Undoubtedly that the world we live in today, and the government that runs it, puts an increasing amount of stress on its people. She goes on with this topic by reaching deeper pulling out an even more thought provoking question of “what constitutes the human…”. What Judith Butler is trying to do is open the reader 's mind to the idea that the world we live in, whether we believe it or not, certain lives do not count as lives and certain humans do not count as humans. In order to make this idea more clear she uses the word “anthropocentrism”. Anthropocentrism is the thought that the human life is the most valuable out of everything. What is so ironic and hypocritical about this is that people truly…

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