Sexual Assault And Its Effects On Society Essay

2266 Words Dec 13th, 2016 10 Pages
From time to time, we come across stories of sexual assault either through the news or a tv show. At first, there may be some people who are interested in the story but feel disturbed by it; however, there may also be people who simply don 't care just because it did not happen to them or it doesn’t affect directly. In addition, some people may either feel sympathy for the victim, or others may insinuate that the whole action was there fault. However, imagine how the victim feels after this degrading and traumatizing event. They may feel disgusted, shocked,and upset. Now they must live with these feelings just because of someone else 's actions towards them. Now all of a sudden their life isn’t the same, and it has changed. Although, they can still feel better and regain a small amount of motivation by receiving justice for this heinous crime. By receiving justice they will get to punish the assaulter for their crime and prevent the assaulter from ever hurting anyone else. Although, it is possible that in the search for justice, victims may face many more obstacles to receive the justice they deserve, or they might not even receive it. For instance as a society of doubtful and questioning individuals, it has become more difficult for our own peers, especially women to receive justice for these horrific crimes. Overall, the use of stereotypes towards victims and intoxicated women have affected the way they receive justices, specifically the sexual assault case at Stanford…

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