Sexual Abuse Effects On Secondary And Secondary Victims

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The effects that sexual abuse has on both primary and secondary victims are grueling until they work through their pain. The primary effect on a child that was sexually abuse can differ when it comes to a male and female; however, they are both life changing for the child and the secondary victims. A child might start isolating and feel very lonely. He might carry around a lot of shame, guilt, anger, grist, and low self-esteem and worth. A child could lose his sense of safety and boundaries. They might act out what is being done to them with other children as a way to cope with that they are feeling. They might have a hard time getting close to other people and may not be able to trust others. Children of sexual abuse could develop eating disorders and try to over achieve in school and other actives while others might act out of anger and do drugs. The effects on the secondary victims can just be as bad as the person that was abused. These victims can feel grief, fear, shame and confusion. They are also hurting and most of the time they don’t know how to act or react to the abuse that has hurt a loved one. Both …show more content…
Often, children may fear telling someone about the abuse because the rapists threaten them or people/ things that they love. They might tell the child that if they tell they will hurt or even kill a loved one or their animal. Also, they might not tell because they don’t believe that anyone would believe them or that they will somehow be bland for what is happening to them. Sometimes, when children do tell their families, the family will not seek out help and keep it a secret. To a child going through the abuse, this would most likely keep the abuse in their life and delay treatment until adulthood. Also, a child may not be able to tell people what is going on because they lack communication skills. If a child cannot open up about what the abuse is it is hard to treat

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