Essay about Sexism Struggles Today 's Sports

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Sexism Struggles in Sports
Females are often at a huge disadvantage compared to males when it comes to sports. They are often discouraged from pursuing an interest in sports and aren’t given the same tools and opportunities as males. This paper will discuss what limitations girls face, how coeducational teams differ from single gender teams, and how these coeducational teams help create equality of the sexes in sports.
Middle school PE is often one of the most loved or the most hated class students take. This class provides basic knowledge and understanding of sports that can introduce students to their passion for sports, or it could cause traumatic memories. However this class is perceived, it is an extremely influential part of growing up.
One of the first times females experience major discrimination in sports is when they start middle school and have to take a physical education class. Girls want to feel safe, be competitive, prove their skills, and get the recognition they deserve. They rely on their teachers to provide and control the environment to allow a positive atmosphere for everyone.
In a study done by Constantinou et al, they found “that girls ' participation in and attitude toward PE is influenced by teachers ' expectations; the girls ' own gender-role stereotypes; and whether the PE environment is safe for them, emotionally and physically” (Constantinou). Some girls in middle school in this study said they would enjoy learning to play football or wrestling…

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