Sexism, Stigmatization, And Implicit Bias Essay

1098 Words Oct 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The issues of sexism, stigmatization, and implicit bias in society are both numerous and complex in nature. Within the educational setting, it often becomes difficult to address these issues in their entirety in addition to providing each child with adequate learning opportunities. The institutions of private education, in particular religiously affiliated private educational systems, further complicate these issues. Determining the correct course of action when disciplining students in a private educational setting presents a challenge. When these educators and administration alike fall short in their responsibilities, a discussion must be held to correct their ineffectiveness. However, the uniqueness of the structure of private education presents problems concerning the accountability of the administration and their ability to ensure parity for all students. While several examples regarding blatant sexism, stigmatization, and implicit bias exist in private education, the following is simply one personal account which will be examined in detail.
The experience in question focuses on three seventh grade students who will be referred to as Jay, John, and Sharon. One day Jay was caught texting on his cell phone in the middle of his history class. The instructor, Mr. Thomas, reprimanded Jay and sent him down to the office. Upon arriving in the office, Mrs. Nickles, the school secretary, immediately confiscated Jay’s phone. She began reading through his messages and…

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