Sexism In The Crucible Essay

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Sexism and the Crucible The Technology era glorifies all unethical situations. Shootings, rape, kidnappings, and cheating seem to be all over the media today. However, they do not focus on what actually happened, but instead on who is the victim and who is the villain. Has sexism changed since 1692 and what beliefs about it stayed the same? Adultery, slut-shaming are examples of how sexism still prevails as an issue that women must face, however, the social effect today is still worse for women than men.
Today in society with technology, it is much harder to get away with cheating. People being gone for long periods of time without telling anyone else is not normal in today’s world. In 1692, John could have simply said he traveled to the
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John still lusted for Abigail but tried so hard to seem like an innocent man the Elizabeth. She knows he cheated, but he expects Elizabeth to be ready to move on in a miniscule amount of time. Another example of sexism being not as easy to get away with is slut-shaming. In the late 1600s to 1700s, it was so easy to call a woman dirty from insignificant sexual interactions to large sexual interactions. It was disgraceful to not want to wear dresses and families disowned women for cheating or just flirting with men. Today, women are slut-shamed so much for dressing promiscuous or having sexual interactions all the time. In the late 1700s, men literally did have the freedom to do whatever they pleased. Women would have to keep quiet about cheating in most cases, but men truly did not have to think about what society would say about that. Today women can sleep with so many women and get prided on being able to have intercourse with several different women in a period time. Moreover, if a woman has sex with multiple guys in a period of time when they are single it is them being promiscuous and a slut. Even if a girl has sex with a long-time boyfriend for the first time, rumors would go around that they are sluts for no apparent reason. Like before, John Proctor says he will cut off his hand before he ever touches Abigail. John does get into much trouble, besides from his wife and Abigail, about his cheating. Abigail is known to be promiscuous in the town and the wife, Elizabeth, asks Proctor to proclaim that Abigail is a whore for cheating with a married man. Proctor gets in just as much trouble as Abigail, but she is a whore and he is

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