Women Of The Past

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Tyler Johnson
English 2025
Logan Weidenfeld
Women of the Past Women, Women, Women! The way men perceive women has evolved but not by much. In the few months of English 2025, there have been a lot of weak minded women characters made by men. From Joseph Andrews to An Imaginative Woman, the women have left much to be desired. These characters have been either one dimensional with juvenile, trivial purposes or scandalous, vindictive ones. The men in these novels, however, have been serious, innocent, and righteous. Men are the providers and superior according to most of this generations men today. In a poll about whether women are inferior to men on debate. org more than half said yes. Bible verses were given to justify this sexist misconception that men have power over women. The vice-driven, selfish image
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Gender is a socially and historically constructed idea. The lines that were once so definite have been blurred recently. Men are becoming women and vice versa. Most women celebrities will not define their sexuality because they refuse to be contained. It is alright to be who you are and that’s beautiful. However, works like Joseph Andrews just continue the ideas of sexism. “Men can succeed without other people being surprised. Men don’t have to deal with an endless and exhausting stream of attention drawn to their gender (for example, to how sexually attractive they are). Men don’t find themselves slotted into a narrow range of occupations identified with their gender as women are slotted into community relations, human resources, social work, elementary school teaching, librarianship, nursing, and clerical, and secretarial positions” said Allan Johnson in his essay of The Social Construction of Differences. Where is the progress in learning from books such as this, if the issues of the evident sexism through the ages are not brought to

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