Essay on Sexism At The Time.

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Sexism at the Time
Being born in Somalia, women are subjected to marry as soon as they reach puberty. They are considered women as early as they reach thirteen. Their role in society is to produce children and perform wifely duties. Men had the privilege of pursuing education and having the choice of having multiple wives. It was out of the norm for women to have admirations for education or even obtaining a job. As a child, women were put in the kitchen and already caring for the family and maintaining the household chores. Their dreams only contained of one day becoming a wife and a mother.

I can recall as a young child, my mother taking care of my father and cooking all his favorite meals. Her duties required cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping etc. When my mother and father soon married off my sister at the mere age of thirteen, I knew I was next. On the other hand, my brothers had the ability to pursue their education and career goals. These were the social norms of the culture I belonged to; however, my beliefs differed greatly. I refused to be subjected to such degrading and limited roles set forth by my ancestors. I screamed and shouted in disapproval to the thought of being married off to serve a man. However, in my household I was outnumbered and succumbed to be married off. Sexism has been an issue in different cultures around the world and centuries. What I went through and witnessed is a classic example of how early female sociologists were…

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