Sexism And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Sexism Present in Advertisement “Boys go to college to get more knowledge, girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider!” In little ways, sexism is present in even the earliest stages of life, dating back to the playground years. Starting off lighthearted and childish, these little quips mature as their mouthpieces do, becoming more and more offensive. They fester like mold, and at some point, the words take a different form, becoming a mindset, instead of a harmless joke. Instead of keeping girls off the slide at recess, they can keep her out of a workplace. The voice of this sexism is the media, which portrays the public opinion in ads, pictures, and films. Jean Kilbourne states “Ads sell more than products. They sell values, they sell images, they sell concepts of love and sexuality, of success and perhaps most important – normalcy. To a great extent they tell us who we are and who we should be”. People seem to think that sexism has begun to fade, as women gain more and more rights, but Kilbourne argues “Sometimes people say to me, ‘You’ve been talking about this for 40 years, have things gotten any better?’ And actually I have to say really they’ve gotten worse.” In ads, it’s clear to see that old sexist stereotypes are still present in today’s world; they still objectify, and sexualize women, causing physical, mental, and emotional pain to girls all around the world.

Ad 1: Kenwood Chef Ad, Circa 1960

As time has past, blatantly sexist ads are far less…

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