Sex Trafficking Has A Major Issue All Over The World Essay

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Sex trafficking has been a major issue all over the world. It has been a bigger problem in poorer places like Africa and Greater Mekong. They have made the majority of the trafficked people. Sex trafficking is a form of slavery. Its something we should be highly aware of because it is happening all over the world. Men are often used for hard jobs, women are usually used for sex slaves, and children are often used for agriculture. It is a very cruel type of slavery because it completely takes them away from their family and often they don’t even understand the language of the other victims or the people that captor them. They have no way of communicating or understanding what is going on. Over 17,500 people are brought into the United States and kept here even though they don 't want to be held here. It is said that it is over 2.5 million people are getting trafficked all over the world. Something needs to be done to stop all of this happening all over the world.
Many girls can get trafficked by very important people in their life. Their own parents, boyfriends, friends, and some also get sold by their neighbors. They are usually told that they will have a better life than what they already have since most live in poor places where life isnt good at all. That is what makes them fall into what can be one of their worst nightmares. They are usually told that they are going to be a waitress or get another great job they then fall into the trap of being trafficked. Most of the…

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