Essay on Sex Trafficking And Human Trafficking

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Sex trafficking is abuse it breaks human rights. Selling someone implies ownership and you can’t own another person. Sex trafficking can happen to anyone, at any given time and place.
What is the difference between Sex trafficking and Human trafficking? They are very similar, Sex trafficking is an illegal trade of people forcing use of slavery and sexual exploitation of other human beings. Human trafficking is the trade of humans forcing the use of slavery and sexual exploitation, from a spouse in a forced marriage or to have organs and tissues removed. Human trafficking mostly happens in countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, India, Greece, Sweden, Finland and Norway (Modern Slavery in Europe). Majority of the people that are in sex trafficking are females, adult women are the biggest group, then it is teens and children, a small amount of sex traffickers are boys. Kidnapping, physical abuse, slavery, and prostitution is illegal in every country (Human Trafficking Facts). People greed for money, sex trafficking is easy and quick for the person selling them to receive money. No, I do not mean the women get the money, it’s the men that forced them into sex trafficking that gets to take the money.
A lot of people think that sex trafficking takes place in other people’s neighborhood or “Somewhere else.” Many of the sex trafficking’s happens everywhere. Someone might say “Not by me!” especially by them. Just because someone doesn’t hear about sex trafficking happening near…

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