Sex Should Be A Natural And Free Act Essay

1235 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Sex should be a natural and free act. The reality seems to be that even sex may be out of our control. Often sex and sexual situations are forceful, with extreme pressure to conform to the archetype. One can not blame Jayanthi or Solomon, or say that they have the freedom to say no. Jayanthi was in a dangerous situation, where saying no could dig her into a deeper hole, while undermining the identity she has. For Solomon, a similar pressure to prove his masculinity and sexuality but him in a position to agree to have sex with women. Sexuality is not a concept we typically think of as labeled, yet comments about promiscuity provides even stronger archetypes than gender and sexual identity. The good girl cannot have sex, the bad girl will have sex with anyone, the virgin is shamed in men and praised in women, the player scores many women. It goes far beyond Bell’s archetypes of the Sexual Woman, Relational Woman, and Desiring Women. Sexually-applied archetypes define sex and sexuality with very little room for control. It is undoubtedly alarming that something that seems so natural and unrestricted, could actually be an involuntary act. We often force ourselves deeper into restriction by uniting with others who share our identities. One would assume that by finding those with a common status, it would allow more room for personal expression and acceptance. In actuality, the opposite effect occurs. Throughout societies and cultures, there are “patterns of human movement and…

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