Sex Is Not An Addiction Essay

1911 Words May 24th, 2016 8 Pages
What is an addition?
Many people across the world are struggling with an addition. Whether it’s cigarettes, drugs or even alcohol. A lot of people are struggling with something more and more every day. However there is a question that goes across peoples mind at least once in their lives and that would be is sex an addiction. As many people would argue that sex is not an addiction because it is something that you can control something that you don’t have to do. However that goes back to alcoholics they are many people who are addicted to alcohol. They don’t have to do it but yet many people still continue to do it because of the feeling that it gives them. Many people say that when they drink it takes the pain away, it allows them to think clearly, and sometimes it has the influence to take away a sad memory away from them and maybe sometimes most of their memory. Could Sex be put in the same situation as this addiction? Many people state that sex is very enjoyable that it makes people feel loves, it makes people for comfortable, and for many women it makes them feel protected from anything that they are going through. Sex is physical but it is also mental. Sex has the power to make someone feel emotionally attached to someone. It has the power to change someone’s mood. Many married couples use sex as form of unifying themselves back together after a fight. However the big question is, is sex addiction a real thing or is it something that is all in peoples head. In the…

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