Sex Education Is The Best Answer For The Youth Of Our Country

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Sex is an undeniable occurrence in many schools across the nation. The big issue is that students and even parents are uneducated on this subject. This results in some serious flaws in the lives of young people. Diseases spread faster through youth faster than any other age group and is rising by the second. Programs like Get Real have shown major results in delaying or even preventing the spread of disease and sexual activity among students who have participated in this program. Many parents and legislators disagree with the idea of having a sex education program in schools, whether it be for religious reasons or just personal preference. Regardless, these students are missing out on information that is crucial to their lives. With mandatory sex education classes, schools have seen great decreases in pregnancy and disease with their youth. Statistics and the dropping rate of these issues shows that sex education is the best answer for the youth of our country, and all over the world.
One example of a successful program called Get Real was used in schools as a form of sex education. This program is not like most you see, where students attend a daily sex education class. 27 lessons are distributed throughout the middle schools years, then 9 or ten are given in 9th or tenth grade. This program is used to stop the urge for students to engage in early sex, and give information on protection and contraceptives. Get Real uses state and national rules and regulations…

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