Essay on Sex Education And High Schools

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A school is an institution for educating children, teenagers and people in general. Public middle schools and high schools are meant to educate these young children who are transforming into young teenagers, adolescents and soon to be adults. Schools teach about the basic subjects such as English, mathematics, and science but what about health subjects such as sex education. Sex means different things to different people, when it comes down to it, it is having intercourse with another individual. Many children and teenagers are not quite informed about sex, sexual activities and the diseases that can be spread due to a lack of knowledge on this topic. Public middle schools and high schools should offer comprehensive sex education programs for students.
Sometimes, people are mistaken, individuals such as parents believe that sex education refers only to sexual behaviors and not the full assortment of topics that consist of sexuality. These include information, resources and concerns about many topics that tie into this subject such as abstinence, body image, contraception, gender, human growth, development, human reproduction, pregnancies, relationships, safe sex, sexual attitudes, values, sexual anatomy, physiology, sexual behavior, sexual health, sexual orientation, and sexual pleasure. There is just an immense range of topics, points just within this subject.
Comprehensive sex education covers the wide arrangement of topics that affect sexuality and sexual health. It is…

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