Sex Discrimination A Problem Within The Workplace Essay example

1954 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
Many people may or may not notice whether men and women who are doing the same job are getting treated the same. However it is important to be aware of your surroundings because no one wants to be working just as hard as someone else or even harder just to receive less pay, less benefits, or to be treated differently in general. Sometimes it may be hard to notice because no one really knows what another person is getting paid unless they are told. With that being said is sex discrimination a problem within the workplace today? If it is it easy or hard to prove it? We have to first look at the meaning of sex discrimination. Sex discrimination is when a man or a woman gets treated differently within the workplace due to their sex. It can also be that particular question on a job application that asks you, “What is your gender”? The next statement normally says that answering this question will not affect their decision in the hiring process. However they are required to say that even though for some jobs it does. They will not hire you because of sex and if you are hired you can be fired all due to your gender/ sex. Although men are subjected to being discriminated against too, you will find that women are more common to be held back due to race. Decades ago women were doing jobs that people referred to as women’s work. These jobs included: being a stay-at-home wife, being a nanny, being a nurse, and etc. Now today women are able to get an education and have the same…

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