Essay on Sex And Its Effects On Sex

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Many people don 't know a lot about sex because we don 't get properly taught. Sex ed started getting taught back to the soldiers in 1918. Not that many schools in the United States actually require that you have sex education. Only a few states say that we have to have a sex education. Although many religions think that it’s a bad idea to have sex ed. It 's something that needs to be taught in our society, there needs to be more sex ed in the united states. There will be more people in our country that know more about sex ed and could prevent STD’s and other diseases. There isn 't comprehensive enough education about sex ed in our country. Not every state requires the same thing as other states when getting taught sex ed (Smothers). If everyone doesn’t get taught the same thing, then how will the country have less STD’s and less underage pregnancy. Teaching kids early on about sex ed and slowly get them into gender identity and have each grade have their own curriculum about the human body in general (‘What Ontario’s New Sex Ed Curriculum Teaches in Grades 1 through 12.’). There would be more information about the topic and will not scare, but teach the kids from early on that they need to be careful and need to understand that there are consequences if you have sex the wrong way. And that you also need to know that if you get pregnant that you will have a lot a responsibility to that. Sex ed needs to be taught in schools to better educate young people and people in…

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