Sex And Heart Break By Director Kechiche Essay

774 Words Aug 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Somehow I find pure joy in watching two men or women display their superior ass kicking skills on one another. So much so that I endure movies with painfully corny and cliché story lines, all to watch Keanu Reeves in a well tailored suit show off his impressive mixed martial art abilities and military grade handling of assault rifles (John Wick). What the movie lacks in its plot more than graciously substitutes in for its incredibly stylish persona of John Wick, as well as a more than healthy heaping of high intensity, gut wrenching violence. On the other side of this twisted coin films such as Blue is the Warmest Color completely mesmerizes me with its incredibly raw and uncensored story telling, which most foreign films do exceptionally well. A miraculous blend of the arts, love, sex and heart break. Director Kechiche beautifully captures both of the main characters, and takes us on a journey of their life with its breathtaking mise en scene and cinematography.
As a gay woman nothing delights me more than a well dressed, suave, dangerous, womanizing MI6 agent by the name of Bond. James Bond. From Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig nothing is more tantalizing and goose bump worthy than their witty comebacks and insanely smooth “get-aways” from near death encounters as well as romantic commitment. Just as well Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange disturbing and ferociously dark dystopia is incredibly gripping. The troubled and twisted seems to hit a sweet spot for me. Although being…

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