Essay on Sex : A Way Of Living

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“Sex-Work; a way of living”
Sex trafficking, an epidemic in its most latent manner, effects the morals and rights of freedom and protection of society. In 2014, Bill C-36 under Canada’s Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, received its assent of legalization. The Parliament Members of Canada have grave concerns about the exploitation, objectification, risks of violence and the disproportionate impact on women and children inherent in prostitution (PCEPA 2014). Although the legislation passed by the Canadian parliament initially intents to tackle the issues of human trafficking and their exploitation, however it fails to put into perspective the actual stakeholders being effected by Bill C-36. It mistakenly assumes sex-work as another form of sex-trafficking, whereas the two are succinctly different categories in a close relation to one another. One must take into consideration the various motives behind human trafficking, instead of focusing on particularly sex-trafficking as it provides a broader intersectional framework for analysis. Some of the Counter suggestions for this Bill C-36 on prostitution, such as laws enacted to protect sex workers and their work environment and conditions from any violence, exploitation and objectification must be proposed for a better policy on Sex-work.

It is important to study and evaluate the bill C-36 from the perspective of the stakeholders that are being directly impacted from it. In this case, single-parent families,…

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