Services Marketing Tgi Friday's Case Study Report Essay example

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Module Title: Services Marketing
Module Code: MC6061

CASE STUDY: Creating a drama at T.G.I. Friday’s

Table of Contents What are the connections between theatre and T.G.I. Friday’s? Is the dramaturgical analogy a good one? Why? 3 What is meant by a critical incident? How can TGI Friday’s identify what constitutes a critical incident and assess whether it has achieved customer satisfaction? 4 Analyse the service interaction process at T.G.I. Friday’s based on the following concepts/models: ‘blueprinting’, ‘servicescapes’,’ cyberscape’ ’Servuction’, ‘service experience’, ‘service quality’ and ‘service failure/recovery’. 5 Servuction 5 Service experience 5 Service Quality 5 Service failure / Recovery 5 Evaluate
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Visible factors that have an effect are the physical environment, the frontline employees and other customers. Whatever customer A does has an effect on customer B or C. For example at TGI Fridays if you’re a couple, being placed near a family with kids at a birthday gathering may affect your service experience in a negative manner. This suggests that participation maybe passive or active but is always present. Invisible factors what affects consumers at TGI’s are the background work by kitchen staff, and the coordination of the management system by managers.

Service experience

“A crucial aspect of defining a successful customer experience lies in understanding individuals’ emotion states before, during and after the service encounter” (Palmer 20011) The philosophy at TGI is to “treat every customer as an honoured house guest’. T.G.I. Friday’s offers ‘mass customisation’ in which the company provides a basically standard service to all customers, but the customers can personalise their meal through an extensive range of menu permutations. (Case study 2011)
The employees have a direct affect on the customer experience as they are first contact to the consumer; the way they act and carry out tasks has direct influence on the consumer’s experience. Employees: expected to “provide both the behaviours and emotional displays, to match with customer wants & feelings” (TGI Fridays)
Service Quality
Service quality at TGI Friday is affected

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