Essay about Sequencing The Human Genome Project

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With the advancements made in technology daily and new scientific studies and explorations, the science community is always on the brink of something big. And the next big thing might be designer babies. Deeper and more profound exploration into cells and genetics have allowed for the possibility of designer babies to emerge. Before creating designer babies was even an idea, scientists were first working towards sequencing the human genome. By sequencing the human genome, scientists will be able to identify which nucleotide sequences code for which genes.

Sequencing the human genome has been a huge scientific project for decades now. Scientists everywhere have been racing to see who can sequence the human genome first. Craig Venter, an intensely motivated biologist, was able to sequence the human genome in three short years, compared to the Human Genome Project, which sequenced the genome in 5+ years (Naam, More Than Human, 2005, p. 121). Venter was able to finish the sequence of the genome so rapidly because he took a shortcut approach called shotgun sequencing. Shotgun sequencing chops DNA into short overlapping strands, and after sequencing each strand a computer fits the pieces back together by their overlaps. The Human Genome Project used normal gene sequencing. Though this may seem like a daunting task, scientists make mapping the human genome more manageable by looking at a smaller number of fragments in the DNA. Humans all have very similar DNA, but the fragments…

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