Separation Of Powers And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Separation of powers is a positive way to prevent the accumulation of power by different branches of government because it significantly slows any legislative activity. This separation draws a great deal of criticism because it makes it difficult to get good public policy passed and it can be harmful to minority groups, especially when the different branches are dominated by conflicting political parties. However, these disadvantages are mostly outweighed because it makes the government less susceptible to corruption and radical changes that might adversely affect the country in the future.
In order to fully realize the results of separation of powers we must examine each branch separately to see its role in the function of the nation. Perhaps the most visible branch is the executive. While many people view the president as the single most influential person in our government, he is not responsible for nearly as many things as he receives credit (or blame) for. The president, like most who hold public office, is driven by a combination of greed and civic virtue. He wants the title and he wants the power associated with it, but he also genuinely wants to help the country and thinks he can do a good job. Even the most corrupt of agents of political machinery can accomplish great things. A prime example is Huey P. Long, a Louisiana governor and presidential candidate, who was assassinated in 1935. Long started out his career as a great strait-talking idealist who…

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